7 Home Fixes You Must Complete Before Selling

This article,7 Home Fixes You Must Complete before Selling,” will help you answer the question:

“What and why should I fix things before going on the market?”  This is a very common question from potential sellers and clients! 

There are a number of reasons we will go into below, in more detail. But suffice is to say, once you decide to sell, you now are the owner of a “product” and you need to entice people to buy!

May seem like a mind-shift and it is. You are getting ready to embark on your next adventure in your next home, this one is now a product to sell – often times to fund your adventure. Let’s do it up right!

May Seem Strange… But…

If you consider the buying and selling process of anything, there is a definite flow.

You have a product, package it, market it and sell it to the consumer. Simple, right?

In selling real estate, the middle steps are the ones that can make or break the bank!

Packaging the Product in Real Estate

So when I say “packaging the product” when referring to a home, I mean how it looks, the condition and the overall appeal to consumers who are in the market to buy.

Skipping this step when selling your home absolutely means leaving money on the table. We don’t want that!

There is a simple way to identify what should be fixed so that your “packaging” or “condition” of your home matches the listing price and what the market is telling us it will pay for your home (CMA.)


Why Fix Things?

There are a few good reasons to fix things before you go on the open market to sell your home.

#1 – You are in Control

That’s right, once you accept an offer and the buyer has inspections, they can request (and most of the time they do!) that all repairs are completed by licensed, professional contractors.

Let’s think about this… what if it’s just a loose toilet? a dripping faucet? a loose door knob? These are things that most homeowners can fix themselves and save the repairman cost.

I mean, who wants to pay a plumber’s wage to tighten two bolts for a loose toilet?

#2 – Maintaining a Home

Psychologically, a buyer could question if you have taken good care of the home if there are noticeable maintenance items that haven’t been fixed.

When they see peeling or chipping paint, dripping shower faucets, a loose sliding glass door handle, house numbers that have fallen off, etc… they begin to question everything.

Did the seller ever make repairs? take care of things properly? What other items that I can’t obviously see have been neglected? 

Buying a home is a very emotional process. We don’t want to feed into stress, wariness or uncertainty because we didn’t take care of a few obvious repair or maintenance items before we went on the market.

If things are neat, tidy and look in good repair, we can appeal to the positive emotions of the buyer!

Common Repair Items

Here are 7 home fixes you must complete before selling from a Realtor and buyer’s point of view:

  1. Structural
  2. Electrical
  3. Plumbing/Leaks
  4. Heating/Cooling
  5. Landscaping/Curb Appeal
  6. Small Repairs
    1. holes in drywall
    2. missing doorknobs & closet doors
    3. Flooring repairs if stained or in disrepair
  7. Inoperable Windows/Doors


If you would like a more detailed list, download this PDF: Pre-Listing Checklist

Prefer to Watch the Video?

What & Why Should I Fix Things Before Going on the Market?

Watch the video to learn more about what to fix and why!

Checkout my YouTube Channel for more videos for Home Buyers and Sellers. We love providing some guidance so you can make the best decisions for you and/or your family. Knowledge is power!

There You Have It!

Do a walk through with your Realtor or a friend. They will see things we are used to looking over which can be very beneficial!

Preparing your home for the market by fixing those small items can make a big difference in the packaging or presentation. Which, in turn, can mean more money in your wallet.

Remember, if you say “It’s good enough,” a buyer may say the same thing when making a lower than asking price offer!

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