How to Find a Local Realtor… and Why?

Find a Local Realtor and Why?

Find a local Realtor and why? Realtors near me? People search for these terms and are hooked up with national companies when they fill out the forms. Finding a good, local Realtor and why you should are two important parts of choosing a Realtor to help you buy or sell one of the largest investments you will ever make.

However, in this age of technology, people rely on large conglomerates or companies based on the other side of the country to help them. This is sad.

Above all, the number one idea in real estate is that it is hyper-local. The real estate market is different from state to state, town to town and even from neighborhood to neighborhood.

To get the guidance you need, you should stay Local or even Hyper-Local!

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Stop Giving Your Contact Info Out to Just Anyone!

For instance, let’s take a look at the following scenario:

You are considering buying/selling a home. You’ve done a couple of Google searches but nothing else, so far.

Now, you scroll through Instagram or Facebook and all the ads are geared towards companies promising to hook you up with the best, local Realtors in your area. (Because you searched on Google.)

You fill out one of the forms from one of the ads and almost instantly you are inundated with calls, emails and texts from that company or from Realtors.

Did that really help solve your problem or just confuse you more about who you should use?

I bet it just confused you more!

What’s the Motivation of Those Companies? 

Think about it… those companies – big or small – need to make money to exist. They don’t make any money from you just filling out the form.

They make money when they take your contact information and either sell it directly to Realtors or get a cut of the agent’s commission when you close on your sale or purchase. That’s not really helping you find the best local Realtor who’s right for you.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter to them WHO you use, just as long as you use a Realtor/Agent they hook you up with so they make their money.

That doesn’t sound like the best way to choose a Realtor, does it?

STOP and take a breath…

Really think about it. How can a referral based or lead based company from the east or west coast or based in another state promise to match you up with the best Realtor for you in your area? They have likely never even heard of your Indiana town, city or neighborhood!

They are typically companies who are not licensed in the real estate industry, or a brokerage or have anything to do with real estate outside of capturing your personal information with likely the sole purpose to sell it back to Realtors and Agents near you.

  • Do they know you (beyond your contact info or a short intro phone call?)
  • Do they know your hyper-local market, community or neighborhood?
  • Do they know ALL the Realtors in your area personally, making them the best person to recommend the best agent to work with you?

No, they don’t.

Bottom Line to Find a Local Realtor

So, you’re wants and needs don’t even enter into them matching you up with a Realtor. It’s their financial bottom line they are concerned with – not yours.

Don’t fill out just any random form & end up in 10+ databases of companies or Realtors.

Take a little time, dig deeper, talk to friends and family and actually talk with some Realtors. A good fit for you is very important to having a productive, successful (dare I say even fun??) relationship with your agent.

Do this PRIOR to committing to someone who will guide you along the journey to buying or selling a home. All Agents/Realtors are NOT created equal. The level of service and guidance you deserve as the client differs hugely.

A local Realtor will know your city, town or neighborhood and its real estate market. Since real estate is hyper-local, that is a huge advantage for you. I live in Indiana and I know the Central Indiana Real Estate Market – makes sense!

Let’s talk and see if we are a good fit for one of the biggest investments you will ever make.

I think you’re worth taking the time to find a local Realtor who is the best fit for you!

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