Preparing Your Home for Sale – Do I Really Have To?

Preparing your home for sale is essential if you want the best price in the shortest amount of time – period.

I hear this all the time… people will skip this essential step in the home selling process and then wonder why their home is sitting on the market or receiving less than asking price offers.

It’s much more common than you think and it’s directly affecting the amount of money you make on one of your biggest assets.

preparing home to sell

Preparing Your Home for Sale

As mentioned, aside from pricing your home correctly for your local market, preparing it for sale is the single most important step. A step that is all too often skipped to the detriment of the seller.

When you make the decision to sell, you want to ensure you get the most for your home. It’s the same as selling anything else! Whether it’s at a garage sale, a retail store, a product you sell at work, etc… you have to show value to potential buyers to get the most money for that product.

Showing your home in pictures, videos or in person when it’s not ready will come back and bite you in the form of lower offers.

Home staging and preparing your home for sale is the first step after deciding to sell.

Put Yourself in Buyer’s Shoes

When you are ready to buy a home, you are excited! You want to find the perfect home for yourself/your family to live in and thrive in.

You search online and look at all the pictures. I bet the first homes you eliminate are the ones that look messy, overcrowded, junky or just plain dirty. No one wants to spend their hard earned money on a home that looks terrible in photos and in person!

A buyer wants to be able to imagine themselves living there. That’s hard to do when there is a ton of stuff they have to look past, or if it’s less than clean.

Buyers make an emotional connection with a home they write an offer for and preparing your home for sale will help them make that connection faster.

You have to change your mindset when you are ready to sell your home. Disconnect – you are moving on to a new residence where you will make memories, traditions and turn it into a home. The buyer wants to do the same thing with your house.

getting ready to sell

What Buyers are NOT Buying

They need to be able to picture themselves living in the home. Bold wall colors, collections, knickknacks, personal photos, etc… are just too hard for buyers to look past. They get lost in the “stuff” or they overinflate what it would cost to change paint colors or dread the amount of time it would take changing it to their own taste. Either way, they never make a connection with the home.

Remember,  they AREN’T buying:

  • your family/friends
  • your design style
  • your furniture and decor

Neutralizing as much of that as possible makes it a lot easier for them to see themselves living there and to see the value the home holds to them!

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Preparing Your Home for Sale

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Don’t Believe the Lie about Preparing Your Home for Sale

In today’s market, don’t believe the lie that your home will sell for top dollar, quickly and you won’t have to prepare it to sell. It’ll probably sell but for less than you hoped, probably.

Put a bit of planning and elbow grease in and you will get $ in return! It’s much easier to get top dollar for any product that looks great, fits most styles and is appealing to the largest segment of buyers.

And, you want to get this selling your home part done with so you can move on with the next chapter in your life!

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