Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell During the Holidays

Let’s look at some tips for staging your home to sell during the holidays.

Yes, people still buy homes during the holiday season. It’s an opportunity for sellers to appeal to the emotions of the prospective buyers, too, with a bit of holiday home staging.

There are some tips for staging your home to sell during the holidays that will help make sure it gives buyers the right amount of warm and fuzzy feelings!

Holiday Home Staging

4 Important Facts to Keep in Mind

When Staging for the Holidays

The purpose of holiday home staging is to elicit an emotional connection to your home from the potential buyers.  The holidays can be a good time to sell your home! 

#1 – Choose colors that compliment your homes current color scheme. If your current walls and decor are neutral, you can use most any color scheme in staging for the holidays.

If they have distinct accent colors used, use complimentary colors in your holiday staging. Everything should feel cohesive.

#2 – Less is more, even with Holiday decorating. Don’t overdo it. It will end up feeling discombobulated and overdone. Choosing a few favorite decorations and highlighting them is better than pulling everything out from the attic/basement/garage and trying to use it all!

#3 – White lights create a warm, cozy & welcoming atmosphere. Save the multicolor lights for next year in your new home!

#4 – Declutter and depersonalize BEFORE you start staging for the holidays! This will give you a blank slate as you transform for the holidays and allow a buyer to picture themselves living there!

Use Holiday Decor to Highlight Focal Points

When Staging Your Home to Sell During the Holidays

Does your home have focal points you’d like to highlight? Holiday staging is a great way to ensure potential buyers notice these features. For instance:

  • Do you have a fireplace? Consider decorating the mantel with LED candles, boughs or garland and holiday figurines or stockings. Nothing says warm and cozy like a holiday decorated fireplace mantle!
  • Do you have tall ceilings? Choose a tall tree to highlight the ceiling height.
  • Are your ceilings normal height? Use a 5 or 6 ft tree or place a smaller  one on a decorative table. A tree that’s too tall for the ceiling height just dwarfs the whole room!
home staging

More Holiday Staging Tips…

  • Also with a tree, make sure the bottom width doesn’t interfere with the traffic pattern. You don’t want to room to appear smaller because the bottom of the tree sticks out into the room too much.
  • Have a formal Dining Room or Area? Add a festive centerpiece and a few place settings to show buyers your home is ready to entertain!
  • Does your home have a picture or bay window? This might be the perfect spot for the Christmas tree this year!
  • Do you have an open concept or large living space? Consider creating a reading nook vignette/area in a corner or small area. Furniture helps define spaces inside a room. A reading nook complete with cozy throw blanket, table for hot cocoa and a book shows versatility and allows a buyer to picture themselves living here.
holiday staging

Don’t Forget the Outside!

Tips for Staging Your Home for the Holidays

Again, less is more outside, as well. Ditch the colored lights and blow up figures on the lawn this year. Instead, opt for simple this year using white lights and greenery to create a warm, welcoming feel.

Add a greenery wreath to the front door and some pine boughs in urns on either side or to just one side of the front door. A basket with some birch wood waiting to go inside works, as well. Or maybe just a poinsettia or two! Simple, yet elegant and cozy.

A holiday welcome mat is a nice touch, too! Use lights on your sidewalk or steps since it’s getting dark a lot earlier now.

You want to outside of your home to “beckon” them to continue inside and fall in love with your holiday staged home!

Have Fun with Home Staging for the Holidays

Remember colors, white lights and creating vignettes to highlight the awesome focal points you want potential buyers to notice.

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