Your Goals Define the Plan

I am here to assist and guide you through finding and buying your dream home. You ready?
Buyer Experience

Home Buyer Experience

You deserve a great home buyer experience that achieves your goals!

Your Home Buyer Experience should be phenomenal!

I know the real estate transaction is all about you and your goals! I also know you are anxious to start looking at homes.

However, you will definitely benefit from sitting down with me (or even through Zoom!) prior to starting. This will allow me to get to know you, your specific needs, your wants and the overall picture you see for yourself/your family in your new home.

How could I possibly serve your best interests if I don’t know them AND you?

You will benefit greatly from taking the time up front to get familiar with the process and what to expect along the way to the closing table.

If you just want to quickly look at a house, you should probably call someone else.

Your real estate transaction means too much not to make sure I get to know you and what you want and need. It’s important to me to understand everything I can so we don’t waste your precious time or resources.

Talking hasn’t gone out of style but really listening is nearing extinction!
I like being a rare breed who listens, strategizes and executes a plan to reach your goals.

Buyer Overview

Here is a simplified look at the process.
Knowing what to expect makes you more comfortable!


We meet, get to know each other and create a strategy plan based on your goals! You’ll also get Pre-Approved if you are using a Mortgage.

Pending Process

During this time, I will be in contact in with you, the Title Co, the Lender and the other agent. We’ll likely do inspections, appraisal and clear any contingencies, preparing for closing.

Start Viewing Homes

From the home search alerts I set you up on, we’ll narrow the list and start viewing homes that meet your needs, and maybe some of your wants!


After making it through the pending process, we end up at the closing table. Here you will sign your mortgage documents and get the keys to your new home!

Make an Offer

Once we find the right fit, we will negotiate an offer on your dream home! If it’s accepted, we move through the pending process.

After the Purchase...

It doesn’t end here. Unlike many agents, I like to keep in touch with my clients and continue to assist in anyway I can. You’re a part of the GPS Real Estate family now!

The Plan is Simple with a Guide

Step 1 - Schedule an Appointment or Call Me!

Let’s chat about your needs and wants.

Step 2 – Find Your Home

Leaving no stone unturned, we’ll find your home & get you under contract!

Step 3 – Celebrate!

We close on your new home!! YAY!!!

Ready to Work Together?

Elevate your buyer experience by calling/texting/emailing me today!

Articles for Buyers

There is a lot to the process of buying of a home. Below are some of the most recent articles that delve deeper into the Home Buyer Experience. These articles can help during your research phase with information and education on the process.

Things like “Should I Buy a House Now?,Top 5 Home Inspection Issues for Buyers and Sellers,” and “What is Earnest Money and Do I have to Pay it?” are all parts of the process you want to be familiar with.

Understanding these and the other aspects of buying a home will only improve your buyer experience!

Videos for Buyers

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Did you know that the National Association of Relators has a Code of Ethics which details how and what a Realtors obligations are to their clients?

This is the minimum. You’re worth more. With GPS Real Estate, you get more!

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